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كلية المجتمع بالقريات

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Department of Administrative Sciences and Humanities

Mission :

Seeking to develop and improve the standards of graduates to be at a high level of training and education. These graduates can then meet community need of specialized staff in the field of Administrative and Financial Sciences, to conform to the requirements of the labor market in the field finance and business sectors at the level of the Kingdom. They can ultimately meet the educational and developmental needs of the community.

Objectives :

  • Preparing qualified graduates for the labor market.
  • Questing and preserving to achieve the international and domestic accreditation standards for the Financial Management Program.
  • Providing an academic environment that inspires excellence.
    Building effective community partnership.
  • Encouraging scientific research in the area of ​​specialization.

The department offers Financial Management Program (rehabilitative).

Preliminary Unit

The Preliminary Unit in the Community College in Qurayat is considered to be the preparatory stage for all the departments of the college. It is concerned with preparing students psychologically and intellectually to transfer from the nature of school education to the university education which prioritizes research and analysis.