University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community

ALQurayyat Community College

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Vision & Mission and Objectives


To be a reputable center for excellence in community education and development.


The college is committed to:

  • Motivating students to achieve their objectives.
  • Providing a broad range of programs and support services designed to meet student's aspirations and community needs.
  • Offering education and training in line with the university vision.


  • Institutionalization and Productivity
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Team Spirit
  • Sustainable Development
  • Emphasizing Islamic Values


  • Being in harmony with 2030 Vision
  • Supporting Scientific Research among faculty members
  • Enhancing cooperation between the university and the local community.
  • Continuous development of Academic Staff
  • Upgrading  all of colleges sections
  • Serving the community by addressing its need for training programs, short courses, and other educational services.