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Youth and Psychological Health in an Ever Changing World

The Community College at Gurayat Organizes a Lecture on Psychological Health Marking the International Day for Psychological Health.
The Community College at Gurayat through collaboration with the Department of Health at Gurayat held a lecture the title of which was “Youth and Psychological Health in an Ever Changing World”.

Dr. Thamer Alkweikby, who gave the lecture, talked about the importance of psychological health for students, the importance of educating the youth on this issue and make them aware of the dangers of psychological tension and how it is linked to other health problems that could lead to depression, emphasizing that Psychological health is inseparable from the overall health of the individual. The lecture aimed at decreasing psychological problems that people endure because of social, economic, and work problems. Dr. Alwkeikby also highlighted the importance of dialogue to solve problems.

At the end Dr. Naif Assinaid, the vice dean of the college, thanked the Health Department team and awarded them certificates in acknowledgment of their efforts and cooperation with the different colleges of Jouf University. The lecture was attended by a good number of people who interacted positively with the speaker and commended the lecture.