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Mission,Vision, goals and Principles


To develop and offer outstanding educational outcomes for the benefit of society as a whole.


Jouf University will be a leading academic institution by:

1. Fostering innovation in education and scientific research

2. Recruiting outstanding international academic cadres

3. Establishing internationally recognized research centers

4. Contributing to the development of agricultural productivity in Aljouf region

5. Enhancing productivity in industry agriculture and medicine 6. Creating diversified academic programs

6. Producing highly qualified society leaders 7. Meeting labor market needs  


Long term goals of Jouf University

1. to be among the top 200 world universities in food industry research

2.  to be among the top 5 world universities in food research and industry

3. to contribute significantly to the building of knowledge economy


Basic Principles of Jouf University

1. Emphasizing the Islamic values

2. Social responsibility and sustainable development

3. Excellence and leadership

4. Originality and innovation

5. Team work

6. Institutional work and productivity