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Al-Jouf the history and civilization



Al-Jouf region is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The region covers 139.00 km populated by about 361 0 people. Sakaka City is the administrative capital of Aljouf with a population of 114.00 people. The importance of Aljouf stems from its strategic location representing the Northern gate of Saudi Arabia and the largest land port in the Middle East. Historically, Aljouf was an ancient route for trade and pilgrims between the Arabian Peninsula and The Levant and Egypt.  The region is considered a potential touristic site due to its greenery nature full of palm and olives trees. This is in addition to some very important historical sites such as Omar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque and Marid Palace in Dumat Al-Jandal.

Due to the historical and geographical importance of the region,  Jouf University was established under  a decree by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in 1426 AH / 2005 to help develop the area acting as one of the most important pillars of  renaissance in the Kingdom.