University Mission: Providing Distinguished Education and Research Outcomes to Develop Community


Admission Requirements

  1. Student MUST be Saudi citizenship or from Saudi citizenship mother.
  2. The high school degree or equivalent degree MUST be obtained from inside Saudi Arabia or outside it.
  3. The high school degree issuing date MUST NOT be increased more than 5 years for full time students.
  4. Student MUST pass the national center for equivalent and evaluation test for full time students.
  5. Student MUST pass any additional test or meeting that might be set by the university.
  6. Student MUST be present to fill out the applications and prepare the required documents on time via registration form.
  7. Student MUST NOT be dismissed from Aljouf University or others because of moral reasons.

* Full time student can chose any discipline to attend, however, part time students only can attend either Islamic Studies or Arabic Language disciplines.