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Search in the catalogue of Al - Jouf Universitylibraries

How to search for a book in the library catalogue?

The beneficiaries are able to search for the information sources in the library whether it is (books, scientific letters, periodicals, manuscripts, dictionaries, encyclopedias) through the electronic catalogue of the libraries (The catalogue available online through internet, which can be access through In-campus or Off-campus). The catalogue of the libraries of Al-Jouf University is a bilingual (Arabic and English) in terms of the interface that enables the beneficiaries to switch the language and choose the suitable resources according to their needs. The beneficiaries can also search for the title of the book either in Arabic or English through the search icon. Beneficiaries can also reserve a book through reservation service.

First, you must enter the catalogue page by clicking the following link:




Searching in the catalogue

First of all the beneficiary must specify the search method, using the rectangle (Quick Search) by selecting which of the following options will be the search tool to facilitate the search. The rectangle (Quick Search) includes:

·         Words or Phrase

·         Author

·         Title

·         Subject

·         Series

·         Periodical Title

·         ISBN

·         ISSN




After selecting a topic, you must select which library branch you want to search by:







Results will be displayed:




The beneficiary can review the book's bibliographic data (year of publication - location - shelf number - number of copies available –in which library branch the book is available  edition number - publisher .... etc) by clicking on the text details, which highlighted in yellow color.




It also provides bilingual (Arabic - English) index with easy graphical interface.




The catalogue system also allows the beneficiary to search for the resources by subjects:








You can see below the result of search for "Children's Health".

Note: The results below are all of the books available in all university libraries on "Children's Health".