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Deanship of Library Affairs

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Library Policy


* Facilitating and providing access to scientific papers, conference papers, various printed and electronic researches, references and periodicals, as well as various topics of books, encyclopedias, and other sources of information.




* Availability of resources through internal services, lending, and exchange between libraries, in addition to providing the access to documents for research purpose according to the regulations and policies Appling.


* To comply with the rules and regulations which runing in Jouf University libraries and apply it.


* Guidance of beneficiaries to the optimize ways, and holding the courses and workshops within the libraries for the beneficiaries


* Respect the justice of beneficiaries in the treatment and facilitate the services provided to them.


* continue development and automated the systems that facilitate work procedures and ensure that they comply with library policy.


* Pursuing the professional development for the staff of libraries, and improve their skills, in the scientific and professional fields.


* Commitment to calm, and to provide a suitable environment for research, and avoiding disturb others with sound or movement is, smoking and eating in the library corridors is prohibited. as it mention the rules of conduct within the library.


* Explain the organizational structure of the libraries and make it available on the website, which can explaining the tasks and services of these departments and the roles of it.


* Ensure the placement of the signs on-site. including the places of services, and emergency exits.


* Develop the guidelines for accessing to  the services: catalogs, shelves, self-loan machines, digital scanning, etc.


* continue providing information services to various research sources, for library visitors, with necessary guidance, issuing bibliographic lists, photocopying, new arriving, and providing them with the news, Internet services and electronic databases.


* Hold training workshops and assist and guide beneficiaries to the collections of books in libraries, especially the titles consistent with their research interests, according to the collections available in the university libraries.


* Preparation of annual reports which should including the number of sources of printed whether it is  books, research, periodicals, scientific theses, encyclopedias, manuscripts, etc., in addition to a report showing the numbers of beneficiaries and services provided during the year.


* Work on  developing the skills of the libraries, and supporting their technical and professional expertise.


* Discipline with library systems and regulations, library work hours, and respect for employees and preservation of library holdings.


* Support and development of library collections.


* Continue to raise awareness about library services which available for the beneficiaries, through different methods (Brochures, printed booklets, official letters, electronic advert and e-mail).


* support academic programs and departments in the colleges by providing resources of information.