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Jouf University Publications

Due to the importance of scientific research in global universities, which is considered as the second pillar in the universities with other Pillars, Al Jouf University represented by the University's Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research aims to publication the outputs of research ِsuch as: published scientific papers, research conferences, books, and patents. Also Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research work to raising the level of academic research in different science to serve the Interests of knowledgeable society. Also that can be allow the university to tracking the performance of researching and evaluate it with the strategic plan of the university, which stand with Knowledge economy that is considered as essential factor and plays an important role with it, by product of knowledge and to the develop the innovations, as well as to strive the achieve concrete implementation of the scientific research to reach that benefit.

Below are some of the University’s knowledge productions:

1-      Research of the National Unity Conference.

Volume I


Research of the National Unity Conference

Volume II


2-      Research of the International Educational Conference.


3-      Book: sports and food is lifestyle.


4-      Book: laser basics for students of scientific and engineering colleges.


5-      Book: A proposed educational strategy.


6-      Book: School Leadership.


7-      Book: Experimental physics for first year students in science and engineering colleges.


8-      Book: food additives and public health.


9-      Book: The Basics of a Programming.




11-  Book: life of Muslims in Germany.


12-  Book: physical activities for fitness and health.



13-  Book: grammar issues


14-Book: An Introduction to Molecular Symmetry




















15 - Book of figs and olives in the Holy Quran



16 - Book of lamentation in the poetry of ignorance





















17- كتاب جهود الإمام ابن عبد البر رحمه الله في علوم القرآن.

حيث جاء في أكثر من 700 صفحة.

18- كتاب فقه المعاملات المصرفية عند الإمام ابن باز رحمه الله


19-book Probability and distribution using the computer package