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Self-Checkout System




The Deanship of Library Affairs Jouf university, adapts The latest systems and techniques in library services, using a good number of self-Checkout machines in all of its branches. The self-checkout system is one of the latest electronic checks systems where the library beneficiaries can:

Borrow books and other vessels according to the borrowing policies approved by the libraries of Jouf university.

Return the books

Extend the lending period.

This is done in self-direct way, without the need for any library staff to intervene, the system runs the checkout operations automatically. The self-checkout machines provide modern and sophisticated touch screens with a graphical user interface, designed to meet the needs of all beneficiaries. It is easy to use and supports many languages, including Arabic and English.





Steps of borrowing a book using self-checkout machine 

  1. The beneficiary must obtain membership of the library, which is done automatically after obtaining the university ID
  2. The beneficiary can search through the electronic catalog available in the website of the Deanship of Library Affaires, where the book can be searched by title, author, subject, book serial number, etc. Then find the place of the book on shelf( the shelf number is recorded in the bibliographical data of the book on the electronic catalog),reach it, and take the book you want to borrow.
  3. The beneficiary will be asked to enter the university ID number (if he/she is student )or Employment ID (if he /she is faculty member). After entering, the beneficiary 's information will be displayed on the screen.
  4. After confirming the data entered ,the beneficiary must place the book under the red laser line, direct it to the glass plate on self-checkout device, and then follow the instructions provided.
  5. The bibliographic data of the book ( title, author, edition etc.) will be displayed on the screen.
  6. A confirmation message will appear ( you have checked the number of the book)would you like to exist¿
  7. At the last step ,self-checkout machine will give the beneficiary information such as the number of borrowed books he/she has ,and how long he/she can keep it, when he/she should return it. To end the process he/she must click on the exit icon. The beneficiary can also print a receipt to keep it when needed.

Steps to return the book using self-checkout machine 

  1. The beneficiary must bring the book/books to be returned
  2. Click the (Returned Items) icon in the screen
  3. Place the book under the red laser line that is directed to the glass plate on self-checkout device, then follow the instructions of the device.
  4. The beneficiary must remove the book after the appearance of a message (book returned), then leave the book/books to the shelf namedReturned Books.
  5. To finish the return process print the receipt.