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Circulation Policies Al-Jouf University

Al-Jouf University

Deanship of Library Affairs

Circulation Policies

 The Deanship of Library Affairs has been established circulation policies for the libraries in Al-Jouf University that aims to be unified the work. The policies consist of nine (9) articles.

Article (1) The items to be circulated for the following beneficiaries

Ø  Faculty members, lecturers and university Demonstrator.

Ø  Postgraduate students at the university.

Ø  Postgraduate students at the university working for other organizations. Undergraduate and Diploma students at the University.

Ø   University Employees

Ø   Other libraries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, which has been signed the agreement for information exchange.

Article 2 - The borrower must show his / her university ID to avail the circulation facility.
Article 3: Titles that cannot be borrowed:

Ø  References such as: encyclopedia and dictionaries.

Ø  Unpublished Masters and PhDs.

Ø  Original and illustrated manuscripts

Ø  Rare Books

Ø  Non paper (audio-visual, magnetic disc and micro-film).

Ø  Periodicals and scientific journals of related subject.

Ø  Government publications, documents, archives, maps and files

Ø  Books with the only one copy, except faculty members and lecturers at the university can be borrowed during the weekend.

Ø  Reserved Books.

Ø  Books stamped with “not for circulation”

Ø  Books contain more than one part. 

Article 4 - Financial guarantee

Ø  Each beneficiary who is not a part of the university should be issued a library membership card as a financial guarantee of SR 1,000 for the period of their loan service, that the card should be renewed annually before one month of expiry date.

Ø  The amount of the membership card should be deposited in the Deanship of Library affairs bank account, the amount will be returned to the beneficiary if he / she wish to cancel his / her membership.

Ø  There is a finance penalty “Fine” for the delays, loss and damages and the same shall be deducted from the beneficiary financial deposited amount. If the fines exceeded the amount of finance guarantee the beneficiary should pay the difference amount otherwise legal action can be taken against beneficiary.

Article 5 - Number of items allowed to be borrowed, according to each category as per the following table:


Number of Items




Faculty Members



Lecturers and  Demonstrator



Graduate Students



University Employees



Undergraduate Students



Diploma students



Beneficiaries from other parties


   Article 6 - Loan Period:

Ø  Faculty members, lecturers, Demonstrator (two months) and postgraduate students (two months). The faculty members may extend their period for another two months “only once”.

Ø  University students and employees for one month that can be renewed once for another one month.

Ø  The Director of the Library Services Section has authority to minimize the loan period to one month only for the categories mentioned in the table (# 1 and 2), for the frequently used  and rare copies.

Ø  The beneficiary is allowed to extend the lending period if the book / books he loaned are not requested by another beneficiary.

Ø  The beneficiary shall return the books to the library before the expiry date of the circulation period if he / she are requested to return within three days from the Library Deanship notified date.

Article 7 - Reservation Book:

Ø  Faculty members are entitled to request that book / books to be reserved for a limited period of time for students to use in the library. These books may not be circulated.

Ø  The head of the circulation department has the right to deny circulation of any book if he considers that there is an urgent need in the library.

Ø  The reserved books referred to paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Article shall be regulated according to the following:

Ø  Internal loan for a maximum of two hours for each student can be renewed in case of lack of demand for the book.

Ø  B- The head of the circulation department has authority to lending copies of the reserved books before the end of the official working hours of the library, and the beneficiary should return it the next morning before 9:00 AM.

Ø  Article 8 - Penalties and fines:

Ø  Delay fine will be charged 0.50 SR for each day of delay (each book), until ninety (90) days, after the expiry of the loan period.

Ø  If the delay exceeds 90 days, the charge will be 10.00 SR for each month, calculated for one year.

Ø  If the delay exceeds two years, the book will be considered as a missing.

Ø  The beneficiary will not be allowed to borrow a book until and unless he / she returned the previously borrowed book / books which exceed the limit of expiry period.

Ø  The librarians have the right to deny beneficiary for circulation services for a period of one semester if he / she “beneficiary” exceeded the limit of expiry period thrice.

Ø  If the librarian notified the beneficiary to return a book before the expiry date, he / she doesn’t responded the librarian request, he / she will be charged  a delay fine of 1.50 SR for each day of delay started from the next week of the notified date. The library will be dealing with the beneficiary according to the previous paragraph in this article.

Ø  The Deanship of Library Affairs will escalate to the higher management in case of miss-use of library facility or miss-behave with any library employee accord by any beneficiary.

Article 9 – Fines of damaged / lost books:

Ø  If the book is lost or damaged, the beneficiary must bring the copy of the same book / same edition or latest edition (earlier editions not accepted) within a period of one month of notification, if he / she can’t bring that, shall pay the cost of the lost or damaged book, the cost of the book will determined by the Acquisition Department in the Deanship of Library Affairs.

Ø  If it is not possible to settle the issue mentioned in the previous paragraph by friendly means, it shall be collected by regular means from the beneficiary’s financial dues at the University.

Ø  The book / books will be considered as a damaged if any scratchy, abrasive, tarnished, torn, or altered with any of its contents.