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Deanship of Faculty and Personnel Affairs

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Dean’s Message

Jouf university has enjoyed a great support from the government of Saudi Arabia which helped it develop significantly in terms of academic programs and infrastructure. The university has 16 collages,  1645 Faculties  members and 1013 Bureaucratic staff . Thanks to  the sincere efforts of the university administration    particularly the rector , the university has achieved sustainable development  which significantly contributed to community services. Due to the rapid expansion of colleges and other facilities ,the university realized the need for a deanship to handle the affairs  of the teaching and administrative staff  . Accordingly , the rector decided to establish this deanship to carryout all of the administrative transactions related to the faculty members and administrative  staff. The university appreciates the great role played by this deanship in carrying out responsibilities and duties namely the  recruitment of high caliber professors and staff . This encouraging support Will motivate us to work very hard in order to provide high quality services characterized by objectivity, transparency and flexibility. This is because we are very keen to translate the policies and ambitions of our leaders to tangible results based on  Islamic  principles  and culture . I therefore call upon all of the university affiliates to work with us in concerted efforts for the service of our country  that gave us help, protection and identity under the wise leadership of the custodian of the two Holy Mosques. May  God Almighty bless Him and our  country .