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مقالات حول أعمال العمادة

العمل التطوعي 14

About CSCE Deanship

In 1434 AH, the Royal Decree No. (27/72/1434) dated 20/11/1434 AH, approved the transfer of the training and community service center at Jouf University to the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education. The Deanship focuses mainly on identifying the community needs of individuals and institutions and designing activities and programs that meet these needs.

In light of the role of the university in the development of society and the expansion of its knowledge and cultural horizons to the community and all sectors, the CSCE deanship has adopted the following regulation to fulfills the knowledge and training needs:


    Maximizing the University's potential (human&infrastructure) in community development.

    Spreading the culture of volunteerism and inculcate the values ​​of social responsibility.

    Participating in activities and events held in Al-Jouf Region.

    Attracting youth energies and employ them in the service of society.

    Participating with different sectors of society in comprehensive development.

    Providing training programs that meet the aspirations of the community.

    Improving and developing the community skills.

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