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vision,message,objectives and values.


To be the rectorate of Aljouf University as a reference to the skillful proficiency and distinguished in the administrative transactions, which helps facilitate all the services entrusted to it and achieve the vision of the university.


the message :


Facilitating and activating administrative services, student affairs services and community service with high efficiency in a productive work environment, through activating distinctive and innovative systems, attracting scientific and administrative competencies, and working to increase their effectiveness and achieve the maximum benefit in order to promote the development and achievement of the University's mission.



  1. Raise and improve the level and efficiency of administrative services through the development of electronic transactions
  2. Continuous improvement of human resources in the university sectors through training and administrative development of modern and improved training programs.
  3. Improving the work mechanisms of the University Medical Services Center in order to provide a distinguished medical service.
  4. Automating the administrative work through auditing and documenting procedures through the electronic system.
  5. Apply the concept of total quality to all services provided to the students, staff and faculty members of the university
  6. Improve the services of male and female students and provide more possibilities for those with talent.
  7. Develop relations of communication and integration with different sectors of society to exchange information and experiences within the framework of social responsibility and sustainable development.
  8. Providing excellent health services to students, staff and faculty members



  • Participation
  • Professionalism
  • Shared responsibility
  • Quality and excellence
  • Transparency and accountability