Vice Rector

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The agency works to achieve its mission through the following objectives : 

  1. Adoption of overall quality applications of academic inputs and outputs at the university.
  2. Continued development of study programs and graduate programs to keep pace with scientific and technological progress and identifying descriptions, and objectives for each of the decisions of the university's academic departments, and linking them in line in the labor market.
  3. Support and documentation of cultural and scientific links between the Agency and scientific institutions and Arab and international universities.
  4. Development of methods evaluating students , which reflect the development and measurement of scientific and practical skills required.
  5. Contribute to achieving communication between the university and various community institutions and compliance with the objectives of the University mission and vision.
  6. To strengthen the faculties and departments of the university in improving the performance and administrative development of the University and commitment to the methods and standards of overall quality.
  7. Service educational purposes and programs of study to improve outcomes and university graduates in the light of quality standards.
  8. Work to raise the efficiency of faculty members and students at the university .
  9. Service education curricula and improve the methods of assessment and evaluation, monitoring and continuous tracking of quality assurance system and accreditation.