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Vice Rector CV

Curriculum Vitae

Bader K. Al-Zarea

BDS KSA , MDSc Jordan  , MaxiCourseAAID , J.Board Jordan , GBOI GADI


الدكتور/بدر كريم الزارع


Associate Professor and Consultant, Prosthetic Dentistry

College of Dentistry, Al Jouf University




Personal Data


Name:                      Bader Kureyem Al-Zarea


Date of Birth:          21.06.1974, KSA


Marital Status:        Married.


Nationality:              Saudi


Languages known:  Saudi and English


Address:                   P.O. Box 2232

                                  Skaka 42421

                                  Saudi  Arabia

                   Tel :       + (966) 46268424

              Mobile:      + (966) 505391642







Academic Qualifications


  1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) 1998- King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


  1. Master of Dental Science (MDSc) in Prosthetic Dentistry (Fixed & Removable) 2004- Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Irbid-Jordan.


  1. MaxiCourse in Implant Dentistry 2005- American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).


  1. Jordanian Board in Prosthetic Dentistry (Fixed & Removable) 2007, Jordan Medical Council, Amman-Jordan.


  1. German Board of Oral Implantology (GBOI), 2009- German Association of Dental Implantology.



Professional Experience


  1. General Dental Practitioner, 1999-2000, Gurrayat Dental Center Ministry of Health, KSA.
  2. Director of Gurrayat Dental Center, 2000-2002, Ministry of Health, KSA.
  3. Postgraduate dental student, 2002-2004, Faculty of Dentistry, JUST, Irbid-Jordan.
  4. Assistant clinical director & Consultant (Prosthetic Dentistry), 2004-2005, Gurrayat Dental Center, Ministry of Health, KSA.
  5. Consultant (Prosthetic Dentistry), 2005-2011, Private Dental Center, Gurrayat, KSA.
  6. Advisor & Consultant, Specialized Academy for Medical Training SAMT, 2006-2011, Al-Qaseem Area.
  7. Assistant Professor (Prosthetic Dentistry), College of Dentistry, Al Jouf University, May 2011 – May 2015
  8. Vice-Dean, College of Dentistry, Al Jouf University, From Sep 2012 - April 2015
  9.  Dean, College of Dentistry, Al Jouf University, From May 2015 – Till date.
  10. Associate Professor (Prosthetic Dentistry), College of Dentistry, Al Jouf University, from June 2015 – Till date.
  11. Academic and administrative supervisor of College of Medicine, Al Jouf University, from September 5th 2016 – Till date.
  12. Vice Rector, Al Jouf University, from September 26th 2016 – Till date.





Administrative Duties and Memberships


At Al-jouf University:

  1. Member of the Committee for Student Affairs
  2. Chairman of College Committee, College of Dentistry
  3. College Council Committee (Medical College, College of Pharmacy and College of Applied Sciences)
  4. Member of the Committee to review curriculum and teaching methods,
  5. Member of the Committee for Conferences and Scientific Events coordination, Al-Jouf University
  6. Member of the Coordination Committee between AlJouf University and Directorate of Health at AlJouf Area
  7. Member of the Training and scholarship Committee


At Local Community:


  1. Member, American academy of implant dentistry, 2005 – Till date.
  2. Member, Saudi dental society, 1998 – Till date.
  3. Member, chamber of commerce & industry, Gurrayat.
  4. Member, board council of college of technology, Gurrayat.
  5. Member, Gurrayat civil council.





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  18. Courses and International Conferences


  1. KeyNote Speaker: 9TH Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference, 03-04 November 2017. Dubai
  2. Organizing chairman: 2nd  International Conference on Aesthetic Dentstry. May 10-12, 2017, College of Dentistry, Aljouf University , Aljouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


  1. Poster presentation: “Evaluation of Listerine Zero®and Chlorhexidine Mouthwash in Maintaining the Soft Tissue Health around Dental Implants” at the IADR/AADR/CADR General Session, held in Sanfrancisco, Calif, USA, March 22-25, 2017.


  1. Poster presentation: “Dental and oral problem patterns and treatment seeking behavior of geriatric population”. The National Oral Health Conference, held in OHIO, USA, April 18-20, 2016.


  1. Organizing chairman: 1st International Conference on Preventive Dentistry (ICPD 2015) April 7-9, 2015, College of Dentistry, Aljouf University , Aljouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


  1. Poster presentation "Dental caries, hygiene, fluorosis and oral health knowledge of primary school teachers of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia."01.09.2001.


  1. Health quality for leaders, 21-22.1.1422. Ministry of Health, Skaka, KSA.


  1. Preventive Dentistry meeting, 17.06.1422. Ministry of Health, Skaka, KSA.


  1. Oral Implantology course, 22.04.2004. JDA, Jordan.


  1. ICDL certificate, 28.07.2004. Yarmouk University, Jordan.


  1. Educational program on the multitype implant concept, 14-15.05.2005. Oraltronics Jordan.


  1. The first scientific dental symposium, 28-29.03.2006. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. The second scientific dental symposium, 18-19.12.2006. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. 2nd national symposium on updates in accident & emergency medicine, 22.10.2008. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. Periodic monthly lecture, 29.12.1428. GDCS, KSA.


  1. The 3rd scientific dental symposium, 16-17.12.2008. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. 11th medicine update symposium, 25-26.03.2008. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. Monthly periodic lecture, 16.04.1429 – 13.03.1430. Ministry of Health, KSA.


  1. The 22nd & 39th arab dental congress ( Jerusalem Congress ), 19-22.10.2010. JDA, Jordan.


  1. 3rd advanced implant program ( parts 1-7 ), 10.12.2009 – 22.01.2010. Riyadh, KSA.


  1. The 22nd Saudi Dental Society International Dental Conference, 24-26.01.2011. KSA.


  1. The 17th Irbid International Dental Conference, 20-22.04.2011. JDA, Jordan.


  1. Establishing data analysis and reporting system based on NCAAA requirements, 07-08.02.2012. Al Jouf university, KSA.


  1. Problem based learning: Basic Course, 11-14.2.2012. Qaseem university, KSA.


  1. Problem based learning: Advanced Course, 7,8.03.2012. Qaseem university, KSA.