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Vision & Mission & Objectives


AL-Jouf University Libraries look forward to become par with global libraries, Also to become an advanced center for educational resources within its area.


To make university libraries a leading entity in providing of information services by using modern tools with high-quality, Also to expand of provided information services to become Locally and internationally, through the adoption of partnerships and formation of university libraries.


v  Provide scientific information sources for educational purposes and research that serve the mission of the university, with different types of the information sources, Also to organize and maintain such of information sources, accordance with specific standards.

v  Meet the needs of undergraduate students and postgraduate levels, and raise the efficiency of services provided.

v  Meet the needs of the academic community with employees of the university to achieve the effective use of information, in addition serve the readers and researchers from outside the university especially the local community.

v  Assist the users to use the educational source, by providing necessary support and guidance.

v  Acquisition of reference books and scientific journals and theses and other types of print and audio-visual information.

v     Prepare the classification and indexing for all the sources.

v     Provide access and loan services for faculty members and students.

v  Provide information services based on electronic and digital sources to serve the requirements of scientific research.

Exchange of information between different university libraries and other libraries in research centers.

v     Contribute and participate in exhibitions, conferences, meetings and seminars.

v       Provide digital imaging "Scanning" for beneficiaries, students and faculty members.

v     Accumulate the approved theses that relate to faculty members in the university.

v Organize training session and workshops for students and faculty member in electronic information resources, also demonstrate how to using reference management system application  ((EndNote)) for the beneficiaries.