Deanship of Library Affairs

Deanship Objectives

1. Working according to international quality standards for libraries to develop university libraries and their information resources.
2. Supporting scientific research through providing sources of scientific and humanitarian information for educational, research and other purposes for library users.
3. Always strive towards activating the scientific, training and economic exchange agreements and exchanging the various information vessels between the university libraries and other libraries and local and regional research centers.
4. Raise the professional level through continuous training and develop the competencies of the staff of libraries in various branches and fields of library science and information.
5. Transform the Jouf University Libraries environment into an easy and efficient digital environment.
6. Contribute to the development of the local community in Al-Jouf region through the provision of activities and services.
7. Making university libraries a leading entity in providing reference and informational services to beneficiaries.

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Library Deanship Social Networking ID's

  Facebook:JuLibrary Jouf
 You Tube:عمادة شؤون المكتبات-جامعة الجوف