Deanship of Library Affairs

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Vision & Mission & Objectives


Jouf university library looks forward to being among the international libraries and the most important sources of information in the Arab world.


Jouf university library provides strong support for teaching and research at the university and the outside scholarly community through its staff , collections, programs, spaces and services.


Deanship Objectives

  1. To provide different types of sources of information for educational purposes and research that serve the mission of the university

2.To organize and save information in accordance with required international standards.

  1. To Meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  2. To increase the efficiency of the services provided.
  3. To meet the needs of the community and researchers from outside the university.
  4. To assist students and researchers access educational source.
  5. To provide recent references books, journal and audio-visual information.

8  Exchange of information with libraries in other universities and research centers.

  1. To organize and participate in Book exhibitions ,conferences, meetings and seminars.

10 . Depositing a print and digital copies of the approved theses written by faculty members and students.

  1. To organize training session on electronic information resources for students and faculty members .