Department of Public Relation and Information


  1. Integrating the administrative system in the University enhance staff performance and efficiency.
  2. Consolidating principles of idealism, respect and discipline
  3. Creating a healthy working environment by promoting the spirit of friendship and fraternity among the university staff.
  4. Participating in the preparations and organizations of different activities in the University.
  5. Securing Media coverage of all events and activities in the University. -
  6. Introducing the University, its colleges, activities and facilities to all segments of the society as well as the international community.
  7. Enhancing the visibility of the University focusing on the its mission, vision, message and role in nation building.
  8. Strengthening partnership and cooperation between the University and other government and private institutions.
  9. Setting up a mechanism to facilitate the mission of the university visitors and guests in a way that helps them have a good impression about the University.

Getting acquainted with the society views and remarks about the university to help the concerned officials improve the image of the university