Department of finance

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  1. Recording all budget appropriations using the financial program
  2. Archiving all financial transactions using a semi-automated system (paper one) in a manner that it facilitates retrieval of information
  3. Checking and reviewing allocation and disbursement works, (reviewing and settling imprests , book keeping and records) in accordance with the university laws and regulations.
  4. Coordinating with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Higher Education about transferring of entitlements of the university scholarship holders.
  5. Implementing all financial regulations (following up the movement of the budget items, verifying the integrity of the financial procedures; and committing to the budget appropriations).
  6. Preparing all accounts and financial reports required (the final account and the monthly account required by the relevant governmental parties)
  7. Responding to all inquiries by the General Auditing Bureau and to other concerned parties
  8. Preparing bank adjustment statements and revenues settlement, closing of accounts at the end of the fiscal year and preparing the final account
  9. Performing all collection and disbursement procedures to meet the obligations of the university
  10. Participating in the preparation of the general budget project of the university and follow-up the implementation.
  11. Preparing all notes regarding the implementation of the financial systems and the appropriate accounting methods (I.e., collecting, recording, tabulation and analysis of data and its modifications)
  12. Preparing periodical reports on the department activities, achievements and proposals for the developing the work
  13. Carrying out periodical inventory of the Fund and writing the proceedings