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Al-Jouf the history and civilization

Al-Jouf region is located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and an area (139.00) km, a population of about (361 000) people, and its administrative capital city of Skaka / cavity with a population of (114.00) people.

The importance of the cavity from being the largest land port in the Middle East, and is the northern gate of the queen, and have been an ancient trade route between the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant and Egypt, and is - also - through the land to house pilgrims to Mecca.

And is the cavity of the promising tourism areas in the Kingdom due to the virtues of a temperate climate, and the nature of farming has many beautiful palm trees, olive and others, as well as ancient monuments that show some of the ancient history of the region, and in which: giant palace, and Masjid Omar ibn Al-Khattab in the Jandal. , As well as its wealth of hotels, parks and green spaces beautiful.

Due to the importance of the cavity of geographical and historical Founded Jouf University's decision by the High Commission of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in 1426 AH / 2005 to be a beacon of radiation and scientific, intellectual and cultural leader in the region, and to be one of the most important pillars of the modern renaissance in the Kingdom.

Site in the city of Al-Jouf University Skaka / cavity, in the form of a typical college town on the example of Harvard University and by many colleges and scientific management and the various university facilities, and the movement of construction is still a list.